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Architech is a lighting company dedicated to develop and to improve the new LED generation luminaires in co-operation with an international team of experts in both lighting and design.
Lighting is our mission and LED technology is our present and our future.
The head office in Milan is the heart of our exclusive WEARCHIGROUP worldwide partners network which through ALPHA CLUB are daily connected to the Architech’s world.
MADE BY ARCHITECH guarantees our QUALITY which is greatly appreciated by the professional lighting and interior designer in the world.

Architech srl - Via S. Schiaffino 11/19 - 20158 Milan (Italy)
Phone (0039) 0236591961 - Phone/Fax (0039) 0236591979 - E-mail info@wearchigroup.com
Iscrizione CCIA Milano 1924173 - VAT Number 06920940969 - Iscrizione RAEE IT10040000006642
Capitale Sociale Euro 100.000 i.v.

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