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The most comprehensive range of different LED module solutions for all applications.
Four sizes choice and up to three different types of reflectors with wide-angle light distribution are available as standard product.

The high energy efficiency of the luminaire (up to 83 lm/W), the high lighting quality due to the stable colour temperature of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K,
the excellent CRI throughout the entire service life (up to 50.000 hours at 70% luminous flux), the completely glare-free reflectors (UGR<17)
and the symmetrical wide beam reflector angle, are COMO’s quality factors.

A good cut-off angle and a good glare control UGR<17 is required in offices prestigious rooms etc., installations.
To achieve this result we use an high purity (99.98%) and especially designed aluminium reflector.

The PATENDED COMO series’ bodies (die-cast) have been designed as a passive cooling artistry
to guarantee an high efficient passive cooling with unequalled efficiency which doesn’t require any additional energy.

The guarantee up to 5 years, the IP protection and the safety clips on system complete the technological COMO’s prerogatives.
Our design, material, surface and connection to LED are the decisive criteria to have both the max cooling area and the air convection in confined spaces.

The special heat painting can help the body to cool down over 15%.
The permanent perfect cooling makes as possible a long service life of the luminaire.

Well Designed, Highly Efficient passive cooling System:

Active cooling systems were required to reliably cool high LED outputs in extremely confined spaces, but who will ensure that 100% active cooling working well or without noise after 5 years?:
COMO Series’ body is designed as high efficient passive cooling which doesn’t require any additional energy.
Design, material, surface and connection to LED module are the decisive criteria in this respect. COMO body is well designed as passive cooling artistry.
In the meantime, the die-cast body has been well considered to have the max cooling area and air convection in confined spaces.
Special heat painting can help the body cool down over 15%. The LED module and the body are directly connected to each other.
A long service life is made possible through permanently perfect cooling.


Glare-free, highly efficient reflector technology:

Offices, prestigious rooms, etc., require a good cut-off angle (Darklight) according to EN 12464 that stipulates luminaires offering good glare control UGR<17.
To achieve the perfect result it must be using an high-purity aluminium (99,98%) and well-designed reflectors, like ours, which target very high efficiency and come out with an effective, comfortable light.

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